Shameem Khorassani

Shameem, or Shawn as he is known in business circuits, can best be described as a business architect. He has a keen eye in identifying an opportunity and then setting the business structure to develop and grow it.

He is a visionary who sees long-term success as inevitable in everything he touches. His logical mind and argumentative speech, when combined with his charm and extremely dry (on the verge of shocking) humour, makes him a natural leader and a role model.

He has a degree in Control and Systems Engineering, is a member of the British Computer Society and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and he reached the ultimate career accolade by becoming a Chartered Engineer before starting Prestige Network. He is listed in the International Who’s Who.

He has the knack of applying his expertise to any business and improving its profitability and growth. In his mind, the principles are very simple!

He is the brain behind many ventures that are spawning out of Prestige Network on a regular basis. Some of these include Trade Marked and ground breaking products such as:-

Language Enabler™, WebTran™, Language9, Any Time Any Where Any Language™ and Sleps.

His talents cover other areas such as sport and music. He is a passionate footballer, a Karate Black Belt and practices drums with three young children in the house and his wife Myra.