Shohreh Khorassani

Shohreh is passionate about business and properties and is a genius with figures. She started her own language services company - Prestige Network – with her brother Shawn in 1991. As CEO, she has literally performed miracles managing and growing the company. In terms of risk-taking, she is in a league of her own.

Her leadership style is very much by example and often her humility can deceive people at their peril. She has a hugely philanthropic side to her nature and this characteristic of her is so strong that colleagues are frequently amazed by her generosity. This comes as a breath of fresh air, especially for someone in charge of finances.

Some of these characteristics are probably inherited from her late father Mansour, who ran a multi-million pound business empire in the haulage industry. Her solid foundation in terms of her character is clear for all who come across her.

Shohreh was born in Iran and has lived in the UK since the mid 1970s. She loves travelling and has been to around 30 countries.

She bought her first property at the age of 19 in a foreign country. She now has a nice collection and enjoys visiting them all every few years!

Shohreh is a graduate of Business Studies from Leeds Metropolitan University and prior to starting Prestige Network she held senior roles, the last of which was for a financial company in Surrey.

She is married to Anthony Fleming, whose arrival at Prestige Network created a virtual management triangle (including Shohreh’s brother Shawn), out of which the company has expanded by leaps and bounds. It is now a successful, multi-million pound business.

Shohreh is a great believer in self-development. As an advocate of spiritual and self healing, personal development and as an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner, she is aware that people have the power to influence their own well-being and to a great extent their destiny.

In her spare time, Shohreh loves reading and attending seminars on self development and healing. She loves the sun, is a keen swimmer and enjoys playing the piano.