The Founders Shohreh and Shameem Khorassani started Prestige Network Limited in April 1991 - with a boundless supply of energy and an unquestioning love for business forming the foundations of their own business venture.

Many would find going into business with family members unthinkable, but Shohreh and Shameem found that this brother and sister partnership gave them a unique understanding of each other’s business strengths and a stronger bond to make Prestige Network a success.

Spurred on not only by a ‘get-up-and-go’ quality, but by the experience they had of working for others in their professional life, they had jumped enthusiastically at the opportunity of having their own business - albeit with not much planning, advice, business experience or investment.

The Prestige story is everything but instant success! The trials and tribulations, the blood and sweat for many years - as relentless and painful as they have been - have made the taste of success extremely sweet and enjoyable.

Undoubtedly the story of Prestige Network is sheer inspiration for many individuals in business and life in general and, should it ever be written, it would no doubt be a Best Seller in its own right - some would say it even lends itself to a movie!



It surely looked like one at times.

The company, which started with a Multilingual Software product, gradually developed a reputation for Language Technology and became a centre of excellence in the UK. At that stage, Prestige developed and distributed software products in the field of languages and sold its product to 55 countries.

Shohreh and Shameem moved naturally to Language Services in direct response, and with unique expertise in place the company is currently one of the major contractors for the UK government.

Currently Prestige covers 150 languages and works with 4,000 linguists in four offices in the UK. Thatcham in Berkshire is the head office - with London, Cardiff and Edinburgh providing the support in other regions.

The company is now a multi-million pound operation, with a very healthy organic year-on-year growth over the last five years. The success of the company has allowed Shohreh and Shameem to expand into other areas, the main one being international properties. They now have a portfolio which covers the UK, Europe and the US.

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